3AK Jingle #1

Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh;
If you like people who are lots of fun,
Stay tuned to radio that's number one.

The personalities you like are here:
There's B. H. and Robert B.,
Peter C. and Grantley Dee.

They're on the station
Leading the nation.

3AK, lots of fun,
3AK, number one;
3AK, lots of fun,
3AK, number one;




The dee jays mentioned in this jingle are:

B. H. = Bill Howie
Robert B. = Bob Rogers
Peter C. = Peter Churchley
and Grantley Dee

These were four of the 3AK "Good Guys," others of which during that period (1963-64) were Malcolm Searle, Pete Smith, Lionel Yorke, and Graeme Boyd.

Bob Rogers, who sometimes styled himself "Robert B." on the air, was actually working at 2SM (Sydney) at the time, but his programs were relayed to the Melbourne station.

Grantley Dee, who joined the 3AK announcing staff at the age of 16, was Australia's first blind dee jay. He was also a singer of sorts, cracking the Melbourne charts with such cover hits as "Let the Little Girl Dance."