I Wish You Could Be Here
(EMI version)

Lookin' from my window on the freshly fallen snow;
It sparkles as it tumbles upon the street below.
The crackle of the fire is laughing in my ear;
The room is warm and sleepy, and I wish you could be here.

Some days in this town there's not a lot for me to do;
I've been listening to some records, and my thoughts return to you.
I tried to read the paper, but the words aren't very clear;
Oh, I know there's something missing, and I wish you could be here.

(Instrumental bridge with wordless vocals)

I keep listening for your footsteps or your key turned in the door;
I sure could use your company, but we've been through that before.
I think the winter's going to last a long time this year;
I got lots of empty time to fill, and I wish you could be here.